Sending money to Brazil has never been easier!

With Brasil Remittance you can deposit directly to any bank account in Brazil and funds will be available in 1 business day. 

Rates 07/08/2020

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REAL 3.90 4.00
USD 1.3550 1.2950
EURO 1.6265 1.5289


Brasil Remitance Money Transfer


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Today's Exchange Rate:



BRL Brazil flag

Service Fee = CA$10.00 regardless of amount sent

(included in calculation above).


Sender’s full name with


Telephone number

A piece of identification valid in Canada (Passport, Driver’s License etc.)



Recipient’s full name with

City and State

Telephone number


Bank Name


Transit & Account Number


Type of Account (Chequing or Saving)

Brazilian identification #: CPF (individuals) or CNPJ (businesses)

Our Services

Send Money to Brazil

Sending money to Brazil has never been easier! With Brasil Remittance you can deposit directly to any bank
account in Brazil and funds will be available in 1 business day. Our service fee is CAD$ 10.00 regardless of the amount sent.

forEIgn exchange

With competitive rates, Brasil Remittance specializes in selling and buying foreign currency. We work with the Canadian Dollar, American Dollar, Euro and Brazilian Real. For current exchange rates, please check our home page.             

*Please be aware that all transactions exceeding CAD$ 1000.00 must be accompanied with a proper identification valid in Canada (Driver’s License, Passport, Citizenship etc.) 

About Us

The 1980’s was a time when many Brazilians arrived in Canada and it was very difficult to send money to loved ones back home in Brazil. From this necessity, Brasil Remittance was born in 1993.

With honesty as our base, we are always looking out for our clients’ best interests. Brasil Remittance is quickly growing year after year and winning the trust of our clients all over Canada.

You can also become a part of our family!

Frequently Asked questions

Can I deposit to any account in Brazil?

Yes. We deposit to any bank in Brazil. Please note that only account types 023 for C.E.F. bank are limited to certain deposit amounts.

How long does it take to get the payment in Brazil?

Your remittance will be available to the beneficiary in 1 business day. The deposit time can vary depending on the speed that the receiving banks take to process payments. It is worth remembering that holidays can affect this period.

What are the transfer limits?

There is not a maximum transfer limit. There is a verification process that must be done if you need to send larger amounts.

In general, above R$ 40,000.00 or more per year, when we will then ask for additional documentation to complete your transfer.

What information do you need from the beneficiary in Brazil?

To make the deposit we need the full name, CPF, city of the branch/state, bank details (bank name, transit number, account number, and account type checking or saving), relationship to sender, and the reason for the transfer.

How do I pay for transfers in larger amounts?

We request that the payment of the remittance be made by Draft Check payable to Brasil Remittance or Wire Transfer.

We need to confirm the necessary documentation to complete the payment.

Can directly pay bills in Brazil?

Unfortunately, we are not able to pay bills directly as we do not have access to the Brazilian banking system.

Can I pay with Real currency in Canada to deposit Real in Brazil?

No. As the currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar, we need to convert the Real to make the transfer later.

How can I bring money from Brazil to Canada?

For remittances from Brazil to Canada, we suggest contacting our partner in Brazil, Banco Rendimento, which is authorized by the Central Bank and operates in accordance with the rules of the Brazilian banking system.

Contact them email and request information about the "Remessa Expressa" service to Canada.

It is important that you request that your payment be sent to Brasil Remittance in Toronto.

In one business day your payment will be here and we will deliver cash, in Canadian dollars, to you here at the counter, upon presentation of an original government-issued photo ID.

All fees are paid in Brazil. We do not charge any additional fees here, as we are a paying agent.

Do I need to be a client to use the online platform?

No. You can create a new account online. All registrations are verified and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as your account has been approved.

What are the payment options online?

At the moment, we accept E-mail Money Transfer and credit card payments.

For clients who already have a Pre-Authorized Debit contract with us, you can also select this option online.

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